New Underground Railroad – Sponsored by End Slavery Now

End Slavery Now:

Are you willing to do any of the following to fight modern slavery?

  • pass out flyers
  • put up posters
  • host a video or film screening
  • circulate a petition
  • write a letter to a company
  • participate in a march/rally/vigil
  • attend a community training
  • organize an event
  • fundraise
  • victim outreach
  • offer shelter
  • teach computer skills
  • teach ESL
  • translate for victims
  • translate documents
  • graphic design
  • IT services
  • web design
  • webmaster services
  • write press releases
  • write freelance articles
  • security guard services
  • do research
  • write a paper
  • write a grant proposal
  • make a video for youtube
  • produce a PSA
  • write to your legislator
  • advocate for policy changes
  • produce a film

If the answer is yes to just one of these, then don’t forget to sign up as a volunteer with the New Underground Railroad! This is a free public resource provided by End Slavery Now (founded by one of our own members, Lauren Taylor). The New Underground Railroad is the world’s largest network of volunteers, facilities, service providers and organizations that are fighting human trafficking.

Why are we asking you to join?

  it’s FREE

  it’s fast – it takes less than one minute of your time

  it’s anonymous – your identity is protected

  you get to choose the volunteer activities you’re interested in

  it allows us to find you for the specific activities you’re willing to help with

  other area anti-trafficking organizations (e.g., Polaris Project) can find you when they need your help

  you can ONLY be contacted for the activities you sign up for

  you get to choose which volunteer requests you want to respond to

  you can unregister at any time


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