Resource Spotlight: Human Trafficking and the Internet

The presenter for the above-named session at UNC’s April ’08 conference (“Combating Sex Trafficking: Prevention & Intervention in North Carolina & Worldwide”) has posted a very extensive and informative resource on this topic.

Linda gives an excellent overview of human trafficking, the social attitudes that allow human trafficking to flourish, and the role that the internet plays in this devastating issue (including reviews of specific websites).

Thank you, Linda!

Resource: Human Trafficking and the Internet

(News Catch-up)

“Suspects in Human Trafficking Case Indicted by Feds” (San Marcos Daily Record)

A federal grand jury in Austin has indicted six people arrested in San Marcos last month on charges relating to human trafficking. (Read more…)

“Abolitionists Take On Slavery – Online”
(The Christian Science Monitor)

Through, many have joined in a global competition to identify the most innovative antislavery programs and extend their impact. (Read more…)

“Police: Prostitution Ring Employed Children, 50 Women”
(ABC 7 News, Denver)

After a two-year-investigation, Denver police said they have busted a major prostitution ring that employed 50 female prostitutes, including children. (Read more…)

“Hidden Epidemic: Children Recruited To Be Sex Slaves”
(WTOP News)

History teachers tell students that slavery ended in the U.S. in 1865, but sources tell WTOP that a “hidden epidemic” of child sex-slavery persists in this area and nationwide. (Read more…)