Public Service Announcements from the UN

You can see/share all of the UN’s PSA’s on human trafficking on their Youtube channel:

There are PSAs for English-speaking and other countries. Check ’em out and share with your friends! (And for your U.S. friends, you might also mention the national hotline number (see the July 31 post).

National Human Trafficking Resource Center update

Rescue & Restore just released a special report on the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

The NHTRC, which is manned by Polaris Project, is a national service that provides information and resources to trafficking victims and activists, and is a hotline for leaving tips about suspected trafficking situations. Organizations and coalitions related to the fight against human trafficking are encouraged to contact the Center so that they have you on file in their national resource database.

NHTRC and the 24/7 hotline can be reached at 1-888-373-7888 or nhtrc[at]

Some highlights from the report: Continue reading