Volunteer Training Opportunity

We just received confirmation for training in August in Fayetteville! Training will be held at:

Manna Church
5117 Cliffdale Road
Fayetteville, NC 28314

Come learn all about human trafficking, who is doing what, how to work with a survivor, and how to get involved in the fight to end trafficking – globally, in the US, and right here in NC!

Dates of Training:
101 and 201 – August 4th 8:30am-5:30pm
301 and 401 – August 11th 8:30am-5:30pm
Cost: $15 per session, $30 for the whole day. Please pay in advance at http://tinyurl.com/paypal-donate-ncstop. Payments can either be made in total or on a weekly basis, but must be paid at least one week prior to the session you plan to take.

We must have a minimum of 10 participants to hold each session, and need to have RSVPs and payment at least a week prior or we will have to reschedule that class. We do not want to have to reschedule last minute.

All payments are to cover the gas and expenses of the speaker, who is an unpaid volunteer.

To register:
1) Please email staff.ncstop@gmail.com with your name and phone number if you plan to attend. RSVPs are required as space is limited.
2) Place your online payment at least one week in advance of the first session via PayPal. http://tinyurl.com/paypal-donate-ncstop

For those interested in speaking on this topic or just working behind the scenes, eight hours of HT 101 and 201 will give you deep knowledge and prepare you for basic volunteerism. For those who would like to provide hands on services to survivors of trafficking, all sixteen hours and a background check are required.

Because of the sensitive nature of the topic, children under 16 are not permitted for this training. If you are between 16 years of age or 17, you must provide written parental consent to attend the trainings.

Human Trafficking 101- What is Human Trafficking (4 hours)
• Detailed look into human trafficking – Globally, Nationally, in NC
• This training will describe the who, what, when, where and why of human trafficking
• Labor, Sex, Organ, and Adoption trafficking, Child Soldiers and Marriages
• News, Laws, Research and Case Studies – Global, National, NC
• Economics of human trafficking
Human Trafficking 201- Anti-Trafficking Work (4 hours)
• An in-depth look at anti-trafficking work – Globally, Nationally, in NC
• Explanation of PAVE model – Prevention, Advocacy, Victim Services, Education
• Detailed descriptions of volunteer opportunities in your community
Human Trafficking 301-Direct Victim Services (4 hours)
• Trauma-Informed Services to survivors, understanding trauma bonding, boundaries, security and confidentiality issues
• Confidentiality agreements and background checks will be REQUIRED
• Incorporates training from “Hands that Heal”, Salvation Army, Shared Hope International “Intervene” and “Bridges Out of Poverty” programs.
Human Trafficking 401-Program-Specific Training (4 hours)
• A comprehensive training on how to work within the programs of NC Stop
• Training on call center and crisis line operations
• Intake forms and processes
• Strip Club outreach training
• Safety training and emergency policies and procedures

Completion of these trainings will allow volunteers to walk right into volunteer situation opportunities and serve locally, nationally, and globally to fight human trafficking.


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