Pre-DNC Anti-Trafficking Expo and Statewide Collaboration Event

Great news!! We found a location for our August 25th pre-DNC anti-trafficking expo in Charlotte. All organizations in NC are invited to set up a table to display info about what they are doing. We will have a photo booth set up to kick off the NC Men’s Movement. Men will be taking pictures with signs that say “NC Men Don’t Buy Girls.” We will also have a mulit-media art display and auction from members of the NC Stop Human Trafficking “Creativity Against Captivity” team. We will have huge media presence and this will be a culmination of the  months of education efforts of activists across the state surrounding the DNC.
After the event, the leaders in the anti-trafficking movement in NC will be meeting to discuss statewide campaign plans for Prevention, Advocacy, Victim Services and Education/Awareness efforts in the coming year.
To set up a booth or take part in creating any type of art for this event, please email  There is no need to email again if you have already emailed. More details will be coming up soon!

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  1. I sent an email yesterday and have not received an email response concerning the event taking place on Aug. 25. I need to get information as soon as possible so that I can put it on my calendar. The email address that it was sent from was Please let me know if you all received it.

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