Volunteer Training for NC Stop Human Trafficking

Volunteer training for NC Stop Human Trafficking consists of two to four trainings at 4 hours each – termed HT 101, 201, 301 and 401. The first series of trainings will begin with HT 101 in Charlotte on Saturday April 28th from 11am-3pm and continue on consecutive Saturdays throughout May.

Volunteers who want to work in Prevention, Advocacy and Education/Awareness only need to take HT 101 and 201.

Volunteers who want to work directly with survivors of trafficking need to take all four parts.

The curriculum is as follows:
Human Trafficking 101- What is Human Trafficking? (4 hours)
• Detailed look into human trafficking – Globally, Nationally, in NC
• This training will describe the who, what, when, where and why of human trafficking
• Labor, Sex, Organ, and Adoption trafficking, Child Soldiers and Marriages
• News, Laws, Research and Case Studies – Global, National, NC
• Economics of human trafficking

Human Trafficking 201- Anti-Trafficking Work (4 hours)
• An in-depth look at anti-trafficking work – Globally, Nationally, in NC
• Explanation of PAVE model – Prevention, Advocacy, Victim Services, Education
• Detailed descriptions of volunteer opportunities in your community

Human Trafficking 301-Direct Victim Services (4 hours)
• Trauma-Informed Services to survivors, understanding trauma bonding, boundaries, security and confidentiality issues
• Confidentiality agreements and background checks will be REQUIRED
• Incorporates training from “Hands that Heal”, Salvation Army, Shared Hope International “Intervene” and “Bridges Out of Poverty” programs.

Human Trafficking 401-Program-Specific Training (4 hours)
• A comprehensive training on how to work within the programs of NCStop
• Training on call center and crisis line operations
• Intake forms and processes
• Strip Club outreach training
• Safety training and emergency policies and procedures

Completion of these trainings will allow volunteers to walk right into volunteer situation opportunities and serve locally, nationally, and globally to fight human trafficking.

To RSVP, you must email staff.ncstop@gmail.com. Spaces are extremely limited, so RSVP right away!

If you are interested in this training in your area, please email staff.ncstop@gmail.com with your name and city and we will schedule training once we have enough interest.


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