Enthroned Youth Event

When: June 16, 2012

Time: 7:30 – 4:30pm (event starts at 9:00 but volunteers need to arrive at 7:30)

Where:Concord First Assembly, 280 Concord Parkway South #85, Concord, NC 28025 – suit 5

This event is a one day self esteem building event that will focus on girls in group homes and at risk girls. We will have different break out sessions, beauty session, art session and will also be providing training on what Hunan Trafficking looks like and ways thy can avoid getting caught in the trap. We need volunteers to help in these areas.

Fundraising: we have a budget of about $1,000 any additional fundraising will go into planning other Enthroned Events. I would like to do 4 a year. We need volunteers who are willing to help plan and coordinate fundraisers such as Chili’s will provide 10% of profits for 1 night.

Donations of food and supplies: We are looking for two different venues to supply breakfast and lunch for about 50 youth girls and 25 volunteers; either at cost or free.

Set up/ tear down: working with our event coordinator on the set up and decoration and then the tear down.

Small group leaders: We need women who will be willing to be in a group of 5 girls as an assistant leader. They will help our team leader with the break outs and discussions.

Follow up: I would like this to be with the small group leaders, keep in contact with the girls and mentor them like a big sister role.

Strip club outreach: We go into the clubs monthly and bring in goodie bags with a hotline number for HT or DV. We need men who would be willing to sit outside in their car and watch for us. Then also people willing to collect items, or go in to the clubs. There is an application for this outreach.

Women’s conference: A faith based conference in Charlotte on Nov 9, 10th. We will be having different booths that will promote ways to make a difference in Human Trafficking.

Our website is www.riseup52.com

Twitter is @riseup52

And we are currently working in a FB page.

Thanks for all you do!

Aimee Johnson

Director of Rise Up ministries

Ph: (980) 248-3844


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