Sex Trafficking Victims’ Interactions with the U.S. Health Care System While Being Trafficked

Purpose of the Research Study: The purpose of this qualitative study is to explore and describe sex trafficking victims’ interactions with theU.S. health care system while being trafficked.

Significance of the Problem: Health care professionals may encounter victims of sex trafficking in various locations – health clinics, emergency departments, domestic violence programs, homeless shelters, child protection agencies, churches, schools, and refugee centers, among others – yet may not be aware of the problem and therefore unable to identify victims and provide appropriate care.

Participant Inclusion Criteria: Adult females who were victims of sex trafficking but have escaped from/no longer involved in the trafficking situation will be recruited for participation in this study.

· In order to fit the definition of a sex trafficking victim, they will need to have been involved in sex trafficking / commercial sex / prostitution either 1) through the use of force, fraud, or coercion if over 18 at the time of involvement, or 2) when under the age of 18.

· Each participant must have had at least one encounter with care system while being trafficked. This could include a visit to a clinic, urgent care center, public health department, or emergency department, for example.

· Participants should be over the age of 18 when consenting to the interview, but may have been trafficked as a minor.

· They may be U.S or foreign-born, but English-speaking.

Procedures: Once a potential participant has been identified, please contact her by telephone to ask if she may be willing to participate. If so, please provide her with my contact information (telephone 919-966-6169 or email When she contacts me, I will explain the research study and verify that she meets the inclusion criteria and is willing to participate.



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