Real Men Get Their Facts Straight

Ashton and Demi and Sex Trafficking

Posted: Wednesday, Jun 29 2011 / By Martin Cizmar and Ellis Conklin and Kristen Hinman



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  1. The crime of human trafficking is labeled a “hidden crime” for good reason creating the abundance of confusion about the numbers of domestic situations that are legally defined as trafficking of persons.
    I agree we need as precise numbers as possible when speaking about domestic minor sex trafficking. The approach of identifying the numbers of arrests for prostitution of minors in 36 major cities is plausible. However, based on a similar study in our smaller metropolitan area, the numbers you published seem incomplete. You also failed to mention the fact that minors are legally victims under the Trafficking in Persons Act of 2000, thus, if law enforcement are trained in human trafficking, they would have no grounds to arrest a minor for prostitution. You also failed to mention the specifics that were used in the Pennsylvania study to develop the range in numbers of domestic minors at risk for human trafficking.
    Your article did raise questions. I did not think it gave sufficient basis for clarifying the concerns raised by the questions.

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