Artwork Contest for Coffee Bags!!! – Statewide

The purpose of this project is to be able to find a way of raising money by selling or making something that people need. Basically, an awesome fundraiser. A friend suggested selling pounds of coffee (everyone wants and needs coffee)! So, I have been getting the ball rolling and we found a roaster who we can purchase fair trade coffee from and then sell it online at and at events we go to. This is the exciting part that you all get to help me with, we need a design for our coffee bags! We’re having a little competition and asking everyone we know to make a design for our coffee bags! We don’t have much money but the winner will get a free pound of coffee and their name will be on every label on every bag we sell! Here are a few of the details that must be included in your design (front or back of the label), the rest is up to you!

·                                 Proceeds go to benefit:  Victims of sex trafficking

·                                 Our Website:

·                                 Our Name: On Eagles Wings Ministries & The Hope House

·                                 Your Name (small) “Design by:”

·                                 The 12 oz bags will have 5 labels total: (Can use same design if you choose for the Thai and Rwanda blends but must say the following:)
– 4 for the Front ( “Thai Blend Whole Bean”; “Thai Blend Ground”; “Rwanda Blend Decaf Whole Bean”; “Rwanda Blend Decaf Ground”)
– 1 for the Back label. – must say “Coffee is roasted and distributed by: Land Of A Thousand Hills Coffee. 352 Atlanta St.Roswell, GA30075.  1-866-875-4369

·                                 Must say: 12 oz. + weight in grams (340 g).

·                                 Labels must be 3 x 2 inches high

·                                 Price: $12

·                                 Quality jpeg or tiff. folder.  Design must have rounded corners.

Bags are a gold color and can be viewed on the website.

Please take a look around our website and Land of a Thousand Hills to see what we are about as well as who are the roasters to get an idea of what a label for the Hope House coffee should look like!

Pass this on to anyone you know that might be interested! All designs must be submitted by April 25! Winner will be announced April 28! Please send ALL entries to and include your name and the address we should send your coffee too if you should be the winner!!! If sending more than one email with attachments, please include your name on all emails so we know who you are!
Can’t wait to see all your hard work!!!

Email me with any questions!
Kimberly DiMartino
The Hope House Intern
PO Box 9737
Asheville, NC28815


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