October is Fair Trade Month!

This is a time to understand that the items we purchase every day can impact the global slave trade. That’s a huge thought.

But think about it: if we bought only products that we knew were made by folks who were paid a fair wage, then the companies that exploit people and use slave labor would go out of business.

So, how can we do that?? To be honest, at the moment, it is very hard. So we start with baby steps.
1. Buy locally made products whenever possible.
2. Buy items labeled “Fair Trade” (look for the “Fair Trade” label).
3. Halloween: October is a pretty big month for buying chocolate! This is a great time to make a statement. Don’t give away chocolate that isn’t labeled “Fair Trade”.
4. Gift-giving: The holidays are right around the corner! Buy locally made gifts. If you can’t do that, consider purchasing Fair Trade gifts. Or better yet: Instead of struggling to think of a gift to buy for people who have everything, give to an anti-trafficking/fair trade group in their name.

For more ideas, visit http://www.fairtrademonth.org/.


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