Human Trafficking Meeting in Greenville

Human Trafficking is one of the largest growing businesses in the world.
This is not just a problem in other countries, it happens right here in the United States! Right here in North Carolina!

And possibly right here in Pitt County.

The Pitt County Sheriff’s Department has received a federal grant to assess the depth of the problem in Eastern North Carolina. They will be investigating and prosecuting the traffickers, and assisting the victims.

We are forming a Community Action Group called Eastern NC Stop Human Trafficking Now to educate the public about this issue.

We want our community to be proactive in addressing this issue. We want to educate our medical community, the ECU community, Pitt County Schools, our faith community, our civic groups and the public in general about the crime of human trafficking.

If you suspect you know a victim, we want you to know what to do and who to call. If you suspect you know a trafficker or a purchaser of a trafficked victim, we want you to know how to report it.

On Tuesday, May 19, we will meet in the Willis Building Auditorium (300 East 1st Street, Greenville, NC) from 7-8pm. Please join us for this groundbreaking meeting.

We will hear from the Pitt County Sheriff’s Department about their efforts, as well as hear about anti-trafficking activities across the state.

The key to our local awareness and education campaign is a walk to Stop Human Trafficking Now, which will be held Saturday, October 3 at 10am at Boyd Lee Park. Please mark your calendars now and plan to support this walk. (You can sign up now at! Please designate Global Impact as your partner. They will disperse funds to Eastern NC Stop Trafficking Now as needed.) We will have more information available at the May 19 meeting.

For more information, contact us at Greenville[at]


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