Online Training about Human Trafficking

Lynda Leventis-Wells, Director

** Introduction to Human Trafficking **

CICP is pleased to announce the development of this new and cutting edge training technique. Agencies can now access the online version of the basic “Introduction to Human Trafficking” training course.

Class 1 – Awareness of Human Trafficking – This class is an overview of the problem of human trafficking in the United States. Its emphasis is on understanding the scope of the problem and the legal framework in place to help address it. After completion of this class the learner will be able to:

• Describe the problem of Human Trafficking.
• Detail the scope of the problem.
• Identify the characteristics of traffickers.
• Detail the roles of various organizations in human trafficking investigations.
• Discuss the relevant federal law in place to assist trafficking victims.

Class 2 – Responding to Human Trafficking –
this class is an overview of the basics of law enforcement response to human trafficking situations. Its emphasis is on adopting a victim centered approach to achieve successful conclusions in trafficking cases, to include victim rescue and care and trafficker prosecution.

• Identify investigative considerations in a human trafficking case.
• Detail the information requirements for successful interventions and investigations.
• Detail the methods by which traffickers are identified.
• Discuss the victim issues that such cases entail.
• Identify strategies for interviewing victims.

Law Enforcement: we recommend that the training officer/coordinator register their agency for use of the training system and then enter their personnel. This will aid the agency administration of the training.

Other agencies or interested individuals: While the sites are law enforcement oriented, we welcome other agencies, victim’s advocates, etc. to take advantage of this valuable training tool.

To Register, visit:

For Technical assistance, contact:
Justice Planning and Management Associates
Paul M. Plaisted
Tel: (207) 621-8600 ** email: pplaisted[at]


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