Call+Response: The Film

“Never forget – justice is what love looks like in public!” -Dr. Cornel West
(*Give it a minute to load; it’s worth it!)

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Excerpted from an email from Justin Dillon:

“…Most recently, Paste Magazine, Spin Magazine and ThinkMTV have pledged to support the movement. UNGIFT (United Nations’ Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking) has been instrumental in this project and has committed to supporting the film through the highest echelons of the United Nations. As I type this email, I’m waiting for my next meeting in Washington DC and it’s becoming clear that some of the largest organizations in the world want to join you and I in our efforts.

Through our successes, however, the bar is set even higher. With your help, CALL+RESPONSE will unite thousands of people and free millions. Will you help us?

Right now, we need you to ask 10 friends to join the movement – ask them to sign up online just like you have. We’ve made it easy: just visit and click SHARE!
Also, we have a really cool new widget that you can post anywhere – its like having a mini C+R website on your Facebook, Blog or Myspace! Click here to use the WIDGET. Just click “Grab and Share.” If everyone posted this, literally millions could see the trailer.

We are counting on your help and know that we can’t do this without you. Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us!

Ending slavery in our lifetime,

Justin Dillon
C+R Producer/Director”

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